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Direct Public Offering

Go public without an underwriter or shell

Reverse Merger Transactions

Go public by merging into a shell company

Initial Public Offering

Go public with an investment banking firm

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What we do:

We plan and manage direct public offerings. Consider going public for any of the following reasons:

  • Raise money from investors easier and with less dilution;
  • Increase sales by providing equity incentives for sales, marketing and distribution;
  • Pay for assets or entire companies with stock;
  • Create wealth and long-term liquidity.


There are no specific revenue, income, asset or other requirements to qualify. We have represented complete start-ups to companies generating millions in revenue.

Cost to go public:

A company can become publicly traded for approximately $85,000 plus equity. Some clients had the financial resources to pay the costs of going public, but most engage our services, obtain our assistance in structuring a private placement and then raise capital from friends and family to cover all the costs.

Raise capital:

While we do not raise capital for clients, we do have a growing list of accredited investors, investment bankers and licensed brokers who have expressed interest in evaluating our clients for financing after they become publicly traded.

Are the benefits worth it:

We understand that going public is perhaps one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. Our typical client speaks with us numerous times to discuss the advantages, disadvantages, costs and timing; before making the right decision for them. In many cases, we recommend that businesses remain private.

We can help you:

Our partners have been involved in more than twenty direct public offerings, initial public offerings and reverse merger transactions. We are happy to answer all of your questions and participate in any stakeholder calls to ensure that key people have all the information necessary before deciding to remain private or go public.

Call us at 516-509-8132 or email for more information.

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